MASTERS OF FINE ARTS                                                                                           2010-2012

Department of Visual Arts, University of Ottawa

MASTERS OF CANADIAN ART HISTORY                                                                  2002 – 2004

School for Studies in Arts and Culture, Carleton University

BACHELOR OF ARTS                                                                                                  1998 – 2002

Major in Fine Arts, Major in Art History, Minor in Hispanic Studies

Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick




May 4-8, LIVE TRANGENDER/TRANGENRE EN DIRECT, Galerie du Nouvel Ontario, Sudbury, Ontario.


February 2nd, MALE PATTERN BALNESS, Traffic, SAW Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario.

June 19th, SAW Gallery, Soirée de Fédération Culturelle Canadienne-Française.


August 29th, FULL CYCLE, Symposium International d’art contemporain de Baie-St-Paul, Quebec.


November 6th, OH LIGHT DIVINE, Kosmic,  St-Brigid`s, Ottawa, Ontario.

October 10th, BARE WITH ME, Natural Disaster, Ottawa School of Speech and Drama, Ontario.

August, GUERRILLA IN OUR MIDST, Pride Ottawa 2009, Ottawa, Ontario.

July 26th, SLUMBER PARTY,Not Tonight Honey, Gallery 101, Ottawa Ontario.

July 10th, collaboration with Theo Pelmus, Not Tonight Honey, Gallery 101, Ottawa Ontario.

July 3rd, X-AMEN, Not Tonight Honey,  Opening party, Gallery 101, Ottawa Ontario.

June 13th, PIANO MOVERS (collaboration with Theo Pelmus), Westfest, Ottawa, Ontario.

June 12th, PASS THE PARCEL, Westfest, Ottawa, Ontario.

May 1st, GAYPOLE, May First festivities, Primrose Park, Ottawa.

May 27th, HAIR, Fait Maison 11, Lead Venue, Gatineau, Quebec.

January 29th, WATER SNAIL (collaboration with Theo Pelmus)Westboro 30th Anniversary Launch Party, Wall Space Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario.


November 9, GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT II, Axeneo7, Gatineau, Quebec.

November 1, GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT, Le Petit Chicago, Gatineau, Quebec.

October 11, WRAPPING THE VILLAGE, Cornucopia, Westboro Village, Ottawa, Ontario.

August 29, PROM DRESS VAre We There Yet?  Fait Maison – Dennis Tourbin Redux, Hintonburg, Ottawa, Ontario.

August 9, TRIBUTE TO GWEN JACOB, Time Squared – Gallery 101, Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario.

June 13, THE OTTAWA CELL. HARMONIC, Westfest, Ottawa, Ontario.

April 23, LA PISSEUSE, Fait Maison9/Homemade 9, Lead Venue, Gatineau, Quebec.

February 19, HAPPENING, Fait Maison/Homemade Succursale, Lead Venue, Gatineau,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


December 9, MONEY, Fait Maison/Homemade 8, Lead Venue, Gatineau, Quebec.

September,  La Petite Mort Gallery, Guerrilla Magazine Launch, Ottawa, Ontario.

September, PROM DRESS IV, Fait Maison/Homemade 7, Lead Venue, Gatineau, Quebec.

August 26, FIT THE MOULD, Dyke March Stage, Jack Purcell Centre, Ottawa, Ontario.

June 30, TIME, Gallery 101, Ottawa, Ontario.

June 28, UNDRESSING THE PART, Zig’s, Sudbury, Ontario.

June 12, A PROPOSAL, Performance Creation Canada, Galerie SAW Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario.

April 28, NOT THE GOOD KIND OF WET, Jam for Poverty, Private Gathering, Ottawa, Ontario.

May 15, PROM DRESS III, Fait Maison/Homemade 6, Lead Venue, Gatineau, Quebec.

February 28, PROM DRESS II.5, Fait Maison/Homemade 5.1, Lead Venue, Gatineau, Quebec.

February 22, PROM DRESS II, Fait Maison/Homemade 5, Lead Venue, Gatineau, Quebec.


September 4, PROM DRESS, Fait Maison/Homemade 4, Lead Venue, Gatineau, Quebec.




August 28-September 30, “Go Forth and Multiply” (solo) Carleton University Art Gallery  (the show was also included in the Festival X programming for 2012).


February 22-March 1, “MFA” Gallery 115, Ottawa (group show)

September 21-28th, Enriched Bread Artists Studios, Ottawa (group show)


October 5th-12th, “First Year” Gallery 115, Ottawa (group show)


July 3rd -August 5th, “Not Tonight Honey/Pas ce soir cheri,” (group show), Gallery 101, Ottawa, Ontario.



INTERPRETER / GUIDE                                                                                         2005 – 2010

National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario

 PROFESSOR OF ART HISTORY                                                                             2006 – 2008

Algonquin College, Bachelor of Applied Arts in Interior Design

Ottawa, Ontario.

JURY MEMBER                                                                                                                  2009

Ontario Arts Council, Emerging Artist Grant

BOARD OF DIRECTOR                                                                                              2007 – 2008

Westfest, Ottawa, Ontario          

BOARD OF DIRECTOR                                                                                                  2007

Galerie SAW Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario

CO-CURATOR AND PARTICIPANT ARTIST                                                                    2002

Salon des Refusés, Struts Art Gallery, Sackville, New-Brunswick

MEMBER                                                                                                                   2006 – Present

Council for the Arts Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario

Gallery 101, Ottawa Ontario



 Ontario Arts Council – Emerging Artist Grant 2013

Award for Excellence in Thesis Writing, 2012

Ontario Graduate Scholarship 2012

Charles Gagnon Bursary 2010

Ontario Arts Council – Exhibition Assistance Grant 2010

Recipient of the Dennis Turbin Fund 2010

Ontario Arts Council – Emerging Artist Grant 2009